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About Us

Fashion has always been a tricky little thing. It changes every season and sometimes, old becomes the new black. But what has never changed is the fact that fashion comes at a price, at an expensive price. And something else that is synonymous with fashion is women. With a charm for everything nice and beautiful, women have followed fashion and have created trends too.

This is where we enter. At Tryfa, we aim to bring the best of fashion from the streets of Paris and London and present it to the women who most affectionately follow it. Specializing in women apparels, we design, manufacture and distribute the clothes ourselves. Distributing our products through our very own ecommerce portal, we cut down on the supply chain and bring to you the most amazing styles and clothing options at the most affordable rates.

Managing the entire operations from designing to manufacturing and logistics as well, we aim to deliver you, your favorite product at your doorstep. Our product is strictly our own, and we don’t involve any other vendor. And, this, my dear lady, makes us stand apart from other ecommerce portals dealing in women apparels.

With a variety of dressing options for women, we have tried to capture the eclectic tastes of different women all across the globe. Suiting the sensualities of the today’s woman, we design our clothes that bring out her confidence and charm in the most distinct ways.

With our fashion designers, we have been able to bring in contemporary styles and still have been able to keep it culturally rooted. Our brand defines the chirpy laughter of a lady and defines her ethereal beauty.