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  1. Tryfa treats the matter of privacy for its users with utmost care. All the activities performed on the site, by the users, are protected and the information is kept safe. This stands true for the third parties and partners, where this clause is specifically mentioned. However, Tryfa does not take responsibility for those parties and partners where this is not explicitly mentioned. We take full responsibility of our website and the activities performed there on, but not for any unauthorized parties disclosing information. These include advertisers and websites that have the link of our website.


  1. The personal information required is only to an extent which is necessary to fulfill the contractual relationship between the user and the provider to complete the said transaction or services. The shopping cart data is only used for marketing purposes and not otherwise. The personal information includes any information that the user provides on the website. Our website is secured against destruction, loss, modification, access and distribution of data.


  1. We use different technologies by Google Analytics to accumulate data and for optimization needs. The collected data can be used by the parent company for better services and offers for the regular users of Tryfa. The data is secured and is not shared with any third party. One can also prevent the installation of cookies, but in such a case, the functionality may be hampered.


  1. The user agrees to disclose information to the third party in order to fulfill the contractual relationship between Tryfa and the user. Any other use of data, specially the passing on or selling of data to any third party by Tryfa is prohibited except for the aforementioned purpose or if the passing of data has already been agreed upon.


  1. The user can prohibit the usage of his information for marketing purposes by sending an email to care@tryfa.com.


  1. As a Tryfa member you are able to invite other persons to become members of (Tryfa). Please be advised that you can only invite real, natural persons that you know personally. Tryfa only sends the invitation to the invited person and does not use the data for any other purpose. Please be advised that the invitee will receive the invitation with your name.


  1. You have the right to receive free information about your stored data at any time as well as the right to correct, lock or delete this data. In this case and if you have questions, suggestions or wishes, please contact us under care@tryfa.com. This may, however, result in the circumstance that Tryfa can no longer fulfill its contractual duties. A liability of Tryfa or the assertion of claims for damages is excluded in this case. You can always edit your personal information in your "My Account" page.


  1. This website uses so-called social plugins ("plugins") of the social network Facebook, Pinterest, Google Plus, Instagram & Twitter which are operated by their respective entities. Please read their Privacy Policies for further information on how they protect your personal data. If you do not want these parties to collect personal information about your visit to Tryfa, Please log out of them before visiting our website.


  1. General Exceptions

The disclosure of information for business purposes, for law, for the preservation of own rights and to secure our systems will be done in accordance to law. The monitoring, interception and storage may take place without the user’s information. Information may be intercepted to determine compliance or non-compliance of activities. The monitoring includes the incoming and outgoing messaging data to limit spam and unlawful or defamatory materials. The services may be taken from a third party for this purpose.


  1.  Policy Change

You, as a user, agree that the usage of website means the assent to the privacy policy at Tryfa. Any dispute regarding privacy will be subject to our terms of use, including damages and limitations. Tryfa reserves the rights to change the privacy policy and terms of use at any moment.